Recognising a Good Relationship


A Difficult Decision

Every person has times when life tosses them a lemon, and it can be a large one. For those suddenly facing a difficult decision, a partner can help or hurt them. When it comes to being in a relationship with a person who will stand the test of time, this can be a good indicator. Their reaction and ability to be there for that person facing an issue is a good way to measure whether or not they can form a successful partnership for the future.

It would be wonderful if the other person were able to make the decision go away or even make the decision for their partner. That is an unrealistic expectation. Their reaction to the situation is what will tell both people what is good or bad about their ability to get each other through a crisis, and that is what should be foremost after the decision has been made.

A good partner may not be able to solve the issue, but they will be there to support whatever decision is made. They could offer possible solutions, yet their role will be to stand back without interfering. It may seem a partner could do more, but that too is unrealistic. While they may offer advice, the decision is not one they can make. Being able to stay in support without overwhelming a partner is the mark of a person willing to be there through any struggle without taking control.

There are those partners who will take control of a situation and make the decision. It could appear to be for the best, but the consequences down the road are that they control most of the power within the relationship. This is what can indicate a lack of balance between two people, and that could point out the relationship might not be best for the long term.