Recognising a Good Relationship

Sharing the Good Times


Some surprises in life can be good ones, and the attitude of a partner at this time can signify they are the right person for a long term commitment. When they find out what has occurred, most people are immediately happy. It is the reaction over time that can tell the tale, and a bad attitude after a few days might be a sign the relationship should not move forward. A good partner will retain that positive outlook, and they will be encouraging without overstepping the boundaries by telling their partner what to do in the future.

Lotteries have become a popular way for people to dream of what could be, but winning them often leads to relationship issues. The person who won will find that the initial happiness others expressed for their good fortune can eventually turn into resentment when they do not give over some of their prize. When a partner is willing to forego that behaviour, it can signify they know where the boundaries are in the relationship. They are not eager to help their significant other spend the money, and they have little or no interest in being the recipient of a portion of the winnings. That person is a keeper when it comes to consideration for the long term.